Filling the

Email Security Gap

Protect User Mailbox with Self-help Anti-phishing Tools

Three ways to bridge the security gap:

1.Have a plan when email filters Fail

2.Empower Users to do email verifications

3. Collect phishing intelligence via Crowdsourcing

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IT mangers have been using the same anti-phishing solutions over and over again and there are
still people constantly being scammed
because the current way is not working.
It's time to try a new method, our method.

Get Low-touch, Self-help
Anti-Phishing Guide

4 Product Features & Benefits:

Welcome to

Cyber Risk Free Condition


Just one click to check sender identity

APBot offers easy-to-read email server data. You don’t have to extensively searching relevant information.

User self-services


Phishing Notice Board

With updates from the past 48 hours, you can view the recent emails from senders that pose a threat to your data safety. 

→ Instant notification of scam and dishonest emails


URL Preview

You can preview the content before clicking the links provided in emails without disclosing IP address. 

→ No doubt to preview what you want



APBot values your data. NO unnecessary information is collected to protect you from phishing scams.

→ Keep your information secure

Anti-Phishing Bot

Available in

Microsoft Office Store
Google Workspace



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