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Common Data Leakage in PC

Below are some most common issues we found in user computers :

  1. Disable software firewall or open firewall to all network
  2. Turn on file sharing but forgot to restrict access rights 
  3. Did not encrypt their disk or file 
  4. Reuse same password for multiple times or online services 

Security is NOT difficult

  • Automated 
  • Less tech jargons
  • Rectify default security settings
  • No credit card required
What you will learn from the CyberVital Report?


Who remotely accessed your computer? 

CyberVital finds out if anyone your computer remotely



User login/logout records in a simple chart

Easy to view all login/logout sessions in the past 7 days


Possible data leak on your online transactions ?

Weaknesses of your browser security are checked and bench marked